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Moh Love

Hand Crafted

All clothing is actually handcrafted, in that people, instead of Terminator-like robots, made it. This value takes handcrafting one step further, by employing and celebrating the traditional skills of ancient communities. Let’s get cultural!

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Minimal Waste

On average, everyone throws out 35kg of clothing each year – yes, the equivalent of half an adult human – and the brands which make it are just as wasteful. Luckily, the brands in this value are using new tech to upcycle, recycle, and make killer product all at the same time. What multidisciplinary babes.

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Rest easy in the knowledge the people who made the clothing you buy from this value are treated the same way you’re treated: with living wages; safe working conditions; voluntary overtime; and freedom of association.

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High Quality Products

No matter if a top is meant for a girl’s night out or an afternoon at the office, sheerness is a fairly good indicator it wasn’t built to last. Lightweight and expensive materials like silk and cashmere aren’t exempt. Before leaving the dressing room, put your hand under the fabric and hold it near the light. If you can see your hand’s outline, the garment will likely be sheer in most lighting.